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Conditions of Use

BergStolz Conditions of Use from 16.05.2011


This English version of the Conditions of Use just servers the purpose of customer orientation.
The german Conditions of Use (AGB) are valid on legal base and must be used exclusively as reference.
BergStolz can not be prosecuted for any translation errors of the Conditions of Use or simliar.


With conducting an order a customer accepts the Condition of Use of BergStolz and commits itself to the order process.
All submitted orders are binding and the customer can not step back from them.
Product availability is not guaranteed by BergStolz. If an item is not available the order will still be conducted without the missing products and remains binding for the customer and BergStolz.


The stated delivery times can vary and are therefore not binding.
Reservations and Pre-Orders can not be made for any products except stated differently.
New and foreign customers must pay their orders in advance.
Article prices as well as postage fees may vary and can therefore be changed at any time by BergStolz.

Revocation and refunding

Refund for damages parcels have to be adressed to the local post office and are not affecting BergStolz.
Damaged products have to be reported immidiately to BergStolz. In case of a return the products have to be sent back in their original packaging.
BergStolz has the right to decide individually how to proceed in such a case.

Data confidentiality and privacy

BergStolz has the right to collect the necessary customer data for proceeding an order.
Personal data will be treated confidential and will therefore in any case not be sent to a third party.

Applicable law

Swiss law is governing all legal releations between BergStolz and its customers.


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